EM313A Mover

EM313A Mover

Single & Twin Axle Compatibility

Installed at your home

5 Year Warranty

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Introducing the latest iteration in motor mover technology, the EM313a represents a significant advancement over its predecessor, the EM303a. While retaining the automatic engagement mechanism and similarities within its overall design, the EM313a distinguishes itself through a host of enhanced features.

Among these advancements is the integration of a four-pole motor, a pivotal upgrade that not only increases power but also fortifies reliability. In addition to these improvements, the EM313a boasts an upgraded gearing system, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

The aluminium rollers have undergone a substantial enlargement, with their diameter increasing from 55mm to 70mm – a 21% enhancement. This in turn increases the surface area when engaged onto the tyres and maximises traction, further decreasing the possibility of the rollers slipping on the tyres whilst in operation.

The EM313a has undergone rigorous testing, demonstrating an impressive maximum safe working load capacity of 1900kg – an indication of its robustness and suitability for a wide array of applications.

Complementing this is the inclusion of a digital diagnostic handset, providing users with invaluable insights into its operational status. Featuring an LCD screen with max current overload and low battery indicators for both the handset and caravan leisure battery.

The EM313a has been designed to be more compact, with a focus on maximising ground clearance and minimising the required chassis depth. Suitable for L-profile chassis’ with a depth of 160mm, a 15mm spacer is included within the fixing kit to effortlessly achieve the required clearance.

Equipped with automatic electric engagement rollers. Say goodbye to manually engagement – now, all it takes is a simple touch of a button to engage or disengage your caravan motor mover. Effortlessly unhitch and position your caravan, thanks to the intuitive handset that puts optimal control at your fingertips. When you engage the system, advanced pressure sensors calculate the optimal force required to ensure superior performance, even accounting for low pressure or worn tread on your tyres.

Stay ahead of the curve with the EM313a, setting a new standard that others strive to match. Embrace the future today with the EM313a and revel in the ease of a truly effortless caravan moving experience.

• E-move digital display handset, offering convenient access to the status of the caravan mover with power overload and low battery indicators.

• Fully automatic dual roller engagement system for effortless manoeuvring.

• E-Cover provides comprehensive all-season protection for both motor and engagement mechanism.

• Oversized alloy rollers maximising tyre contact area and traction.

• Versatility to accommodate single and twin axle caravans at a flick of a switch. (4WD twin axle systems require TWO full kits, one handset pairs to both control units)

• E-coating on paintwork and full cover for added durability and protection against the elements.

• Incorporates soft start/stop technology for precise and shockproof control.

• Backed by a full 5-year parts and labour warranty, providing peace of mind for users.

• Optional Extras: Emove Smart Phone App and Hardware

• Maximum Safe Working Load: 1900kg (1900kg on 18% gradient)

• Motor Brushes: 4

• Speed on Flat surface Cm per second: 12 cm per Second

• Roller Diameter: 70mm

• Product Size: 37.5x21x21.5cm


Bundle Includes

1 x Gear Driven Auto Engaged Caravan Motor Mover Accessory Box

1 x Gear Driven Auto Engaged Motor Mover

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